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An American Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving this year happened to coincide with a Japanese national holiday. Since Japan does not celebrate the American Thanksgiving, it is only because of the Japanese holiday that I could attend the dinner in Tsuchiura.


I believe the count was 28 people, a couple turkeys, several pumpkin pies and one plate of green cross jello jigglers.

Singing kids

After dinner, we sat around and sang hymns in ENGLISH. Here, the kids treat us to some great entertainment.

Tiffany and Vanessa

These two cuties and their parents who just moved to Tokyo were able to join us for the American Thanksgiving!

Kate Lynn and Laura

Kate Lynn and Laura stopped to pose for a picture during a pre-dinner soccer game.


For those of you who are hard core fans of Emi-chan Films, she captured some of the occasion on video. To order, pease send all of your credit card numbers and expiration dates to me at

the girls

Aren't they cute?

Thanks for checking it out!

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