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Camp Luther 2001
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Hello everyone!
I apologize for the long time it took me to get this all posted and organized. 
As always with my photos, if you see one of yourself or your kids and do not want it online, please email ( and let me know the name of the picture.  I will be happy to remove it for you.
The pictures posted are just a fraction of the hundreds of photos I took over the week.  I didn't get pictures of each person, and most of these happen to be people who got in front of my camera more often than others.  If there are any pictures you know I took, but aren't posted, that you would like, please let me know.  I would be happy to send them to you.
This is not an offical Camp Luther web site. 
Enjoy the pictures!
God bless,

There are over 100 pictures on this site, so those of you with slow connections have to be patient.


If you just see a white box with a red "X" in it, just reload the page.  I have the photos hosted on a different server and if the connection is too busy or slow, it will drop some of the photos.

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