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Karl for Judicial Board
at WLC

Vote Karl for Judicial Board

Why? Because he's a crusader for all that is righteous. A heroic defender of the common good. A long-haired icon of JUSTICE!

Top ten reasons why you should vote for Karl:
  1. He asked you nicely.
  2. It might do you good someday. You never know when you might need a friend in high places.
  3. Once he's on Judicial Board, the Wonder Twins will follow.
  4. You have a secret fetish for facial hair.
  5. It is his destiny.
  6. You didn't write anyone in for Activities Rep. It's time to get involved!
  7. Someone has to dispense swift justice around here.
  8. Took the time to think up ten reasons why you ought to vote for him.
  9. Began preparation for Judgment Day in 1963.
  10. Doesn't need a wig.