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My Pictures
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Here are some pictures of Grace Lutheran Church in Ashikaga, Tochigi -- Japan.

Check out pictures from Christmas!


Because it isn't easy to get a Christmas tree here, it has become tradition to dig one up from the garden, then after Christmas, put it back for another year!


Finally, the tree stood up straight!

Trimming the tree

Pastor Oshino trimming the tree

Sunday School Kids

These are my Sunday school kids. They have been practicing for the Christmas play! As you can see, we are in need of a Joseph.


It is built on stilts, with enough room for about 8 Japanese sized cars to park underneath. It is small inside -- only 8 pews (no, not 8 rows of pews, 8 pews).

parking lot


On Sundays, I teach children English and Pastor Oshino teaches them a Bible lesson. Then after an Adult Bible class, we have our worship service. Several people usually stay for tea, brunch and fellowship afterwards.