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Kinkankuji (Golden Pavillion)


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World Heritage Sign

The above sign advises visitors that this temple has been listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. According to the sign, the Golden Pavillion (Kinkakuji) was built between 1185-1332, and burned down in 1950. What you see here is an exact replica which was reconstructed in 1955. The actual temple (below), is called Rokuonji, and was built in 1422.


Above, people toss in money, say a prayer then ring the bell. I have been told that they ring the bell to wake up the gods and get their attention.

According to Psalm 121, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob "will not let your foot slip-- He who watches over you will not slumber" How comforting!


Although it is a rough shot, the above gives you an idea of what is just inside the temple. These gifts are offered to the gods. This shot was difficult to get because, if you look to the right of this picture you will see, many people came to pray at the temple.


The sun came out for only a few seconds and I just happened to have my camera out and ready to shoot.


The name of this pond is Kyoko-chi, which means mirror pond. Even on this overcast day, the reflection on the pond was bright.


I am not sure what you get if your yen lands in the bowl, but not many people got it.

a herd of people

On the first few days of the new year, people flock to the temples to offer their prayers for health and happiness. They can buy prayers/blessings/horoscopes written on slips of paper to satisfy their specific requests. On this day, I saw some people who sounded like North Americans debating over which slips of paper to buy.