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The White Heron Castle...


Himeiji Castle is also called "White Heron Castle" because of it's color and archetecture. But I think that if the pigeons were bats, this view of Himeiji Castle could be a "haunted" house on Scooby Doo.


This armor is much closer to what I imagine the warriors to have been wearing. Unfortunately the lighting was rather poor inside, so some of the incredible detail is lost with a picture.


This was labled the "suicide quarters" on the map of the castle. It is set up almost like a stage with areas for people to assist in the samurai's ritual disembowelment (seppuku).

Unfortunately, suicide is considered an honorable redemption of oneself here in Japan.


Like any decent castle, Himeiji has a moat. But instead of the moat being filled with impressive flesh eating creatures, it was stocked with what they call carp...but looked more like overgrown goldfish. Maybe they were a particularly dangerous breed of goldfish.


Although dark, the inside of the castle was set up like a museum. The walls were covered with gun racks. I have to admit it's weird to think of samurais using guns.


Under this grating and plant life is a well. It is said to have been used for washing swords and heads and other messy things that result from disembowlment and beheadings.


This is a view from one of the many holes out of which samurais would shoot arrows, guns or throw stones.


This is a view of the castle from where they kept the women who were probably ladies in waiting for the princess.