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Currently, these are pictures of the Sports Fest/BBQ in Shimodate.

Click on the small photos to see larger versions.

rain, rain, go away!

We were able to play a couple innings before the sky opened up and flooded the field.

flooded field

Even more net action

Stop hovering over this picture!

Not fast enough!

Group shot!

Group shot

First, we played softball!

Ken at bat

Daichan at 2nd base


Cute little girls being cute

Cute kids adding a little sunshine to the otherwise rainy day.

Mitsuo invades the background!

Let the sun shine in!

Because of the rain, we decided to play


net action

The volleyball was fun, and a little dryer than softball.

more net action

The BBQ!

I said, stop hover over this picture!

Someone chose a really great spot along the lakeside for the bbq.


There was one lone flower left on this plant, but it was beautiful!

We ate watermelon and played croquet. Some of us ate watermelon while we played croquet. It turns out, that was the winning strategy.

yaki soba

With all the barbecues I have been to in America, never have I been to one where we cooked yaki soba. This, my fellow Americans, is a Japanese barbecue.


After dark, there were many superb photo opportunities.


This photo opportunity offered itself shortly after I shot the picture of Jennifer.

group photo

One last photo!